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Training 16.04.14

6:30 - 7:30 - MMA

* SO MUCH WRESTLING - I will have cauliflower ears in no time at this rate

* Did work on shooting for takedowns, general wrestling and grappling. Felt like I was pulling butterfly guard really easily but I don’t transition well from it.
Going to work on passing guard when opponent is kicking away

7:30 - 8:30 - Muay Thai

* Jab, cross, slip right, left hook, right, right kick 

* Left push kick, cross, duck opponent’s right hook, cross, left hook, left kick 

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Strictly 4 my jeeps - Action Bronson


Action Bronson


Action Bronson


6:30 - 7:30 - MMA (wrestling)

* Opponent with underhook on left side - trap with left arm, change levels and trap opponent’s right leg behind knee with right arm, drive forward onto right knee bringing left leg over to transition into sidecontrol.
Was fun - great to practice pulling guard or hipping out onto knees when drill is reversed

* Underhook with control of opponent’s other hand at wrist, switch to armdrag, swap hands over to secure at tricep, bring right arm down to trap leg at knee, bring right knee around outside of opponent and drive down, following through to sidecontrol

7:30 - 8:30 - Muay Thai - Kicks kicks kicks kicks on bags bags bags

* Inside kick with front leg (eft), outside head kick with right.
Aim for head - want to wrap foot around the back of opponent’s head.

* Jab, cross, right rib kick
Make sure to step out with the left to angle the kick properly

* Left hook, right head kick, cross, right thigh kick
Almost like two drills - timing is important: left hook into right head kick reset for cross and step out for right thigh.

* Sparring - felt gooooood. Timing, slipping, simple combos.


Aussie Builders surprise public with loud empowering statements in new Snickers Australia Ad.

Fuck me, the tagline for this dumb as shit ad is “you’re not you when you’re hungry” and the implication is that these men need to eat a snickers so they can revert to what is ‘right’ again.

I don’t understand how this ad is still being repped when the basic premise is that the norm SHOULD BE misogynistic bullshit and these dudes are acting out of the ordinary because they’re not themselves when they’re hungry.

Git fucked.

Best dream last night

Grappled for four rounds with different opponents and got subs in every one.


Five Followups for a Failed Triangle Choke

Training 10.04.14

6:30 - 8pm - Grappling/NoGi/MMA

Small class but good mix of techniques.

*Armbar from guard - Opponent with bicep control - 1. swim right arm under to control head, 2. bring left hand across body to trap opponent’s right hand between bicep and forearm, 3. bring left foot to opponent’s right hip, pinning their arm against their face/neck and control their right arm at wrist with left hand, 4. bring right leg up across shoulder, bringing hips out to a more perpendicular angle, 5. switch hands controlling opponent’s arm (i.e bring right hand down to opponent’s right arm and secure then take left hand up to control head/neck, 6. push head away and bring left leg across face, 7. lock ankles, 8. pinch knees together, 9. liiiiiift hips, 10. victory.

*Failed armbar from guard into omoplata - above drill up to step 4, opponent brings their right hand up to their left shoulder to stop armbar, keep right leg across their shoulder and bring right arm between legs to trap opponent’s left leg - opponent kicks back over to cross into sidecontrol, pull guard, rinse, repeat.
This is super hard to visualise - it was great once I got a feel for it. 

* Grappling - locked up a kimura from guard - YES. 
Flailed a lot - BOO.
Overall felt good - grappled with Sir at the beginning of class and just got demolished. It’s like grappling with a boa constrictor.

* Bagwork - focus on using ball of the foot to drive the punch, bounce and keep light, move shoulders.

* Light boxing work / locking up to wrestle and breaking apart - keep moving shoulders, shoot in quick for underhooks and push face away when breaking apart to allow best opportunity to throw punches as it breaks apart.

Felt good today. Really enjoyed it.

Training 09.04.14

6:30 - 7:30 - MMA

* Armbar from guard - Control head with right hand, bring left foot onto opponent’s right hip and trap left arm across, swing hips out brining right leg across opponent’s back/shoulder and switch hands to control head with left hand and opponent’s right wrist with right hand, push head out of the way to bring left leg over opponent’s face, secure arm at hand and wrist, pinch knees and raise up

* Following on from first drill - set up for armbar and opponent posts up left leg, grab ankle and follow as they roll onto back, trap head/neck with left foot tight, control at bicep and wrist (push wrist down and away from opponent’s head to break any grip), lean back and pinch knees, raise hips

* Feeling like I’m getting closer to locking up subs in grappling SOME DAYS. It’s nice.

7:30 - 8:30 - Muay Thai

* Jab, cross (body), duck under opponent’s right hook, left hook, chase with right cross. Felt weird. Never got it right.

* Front push kick, overhand right, left bodyshot. 
Have to remember to cover face when throwing the overhand by bringing left hand up across face.
Need to judge space better instead of crowding.